SpareOne Presents~ SpareOne Spotlight!

Over the past year, SpareOne has been incredibly lucky to have received several awards and nominations for its innovation. Although we are are incredibly honored for these achievements, we know SpareOne is not the only product out there that is amazingly innovative. There are hundreds of products, some you may have heard of and some you haven’t that are all game changers, trying to make our lives easier and the world a better place. Stay tuned as we discuss and highlight some of the coolest gadgets from around the world, and if you have seen a great idea don’t be afraid to share it with us.

Our first SpareOne Spotlight is…..

Drum roll please…….



Their Mission:

  • We love our bikes. We love the instant access to freedom. The efficiency of getting anywhere, anytime. The simplicity of just you, your bicycle, and the road ahead. The physicality.

  • Cycling is about independence. But it’s also about community. It’s different things to different people. A dawn riser racing to work to get her adrenaline fix. A student saving up for a weekend gig. A nature-lover doing his bit for the environment.

  • Currently, urban cycling favours the brave, the reckless even, the ones willing to fight for their place on the road. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

  • We created Blaze to upgrade urban cycling to the experience it was always meant to be: liberating, easy, open to all.

If you would like to find out more information on Laserlight, you can visit their website at or visit their social channels below:




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If you know if any products that you feel deserves to have the spotlight, let us know! Comment below and we’ll sure to be in touch!

SpareOne Wins Red Dot Award 2014!

Best of the Best: SpareOne secures highest distinction in the Red Dot Award 2014!

IRVINE, CA- SpareOne Plus Phone by SpareOne won over the 40-member expert jury for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014. In one of the world’s largest and most renowned product competitions, the company proved its design excellence with its AA battery powered emergency mobile phone. SpareOne Plus Phone stood out from 4,815 entries and received the Red Dot: Best of the Best for highest quality and ground-breaking design. In 2014, only 1.5% of all entries in the competition received the coveted top award. Thus, SpareOne ranks among the best in international product design.

After a decision process lasting several days, the Red Dot jury awarded the highest accolade of the internationally renowned competition to SpareOne Plus Phone. This success will be duly celebrated: On 7 July 2014, in front of around 1,200 guests from all around the world, SpareOne will be presented with its deserved trophy during the awards ceremony at the Aalto-Theater in Essen, Germany. After the Red Dot Gala, the winners’ exhibition will be opened in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen, where SpareOne Plus Phone will be showcased for four weeks before it enters the permanent exhibition.

SpareOne Plus Phone is the only emergency mobile phone in the world powered by a single AA battery with a 15 year shelf life. Enhanced with several standard features like a panic siren and audible function feedback, SpareOne Plus Phone also includes the capability to activate a newly developed and potentially lifesaving Location and Alert service. SpareOne was designed around simplicity. Inventor and Creator, Alan Cymberknoh kept in mind only the necessary and essential features and functions of a cellphone. Spareone Plus Phone’s revolutionary breakthrough is its ability to run on the inexpensive and widely available, single AA battery. At SpareOne, we believe a person should never be out of options and never feel stranded, even if they are just needing to make a simple call or are facing an extreme emergency.

Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of Red Dot, on the decision process in the Red Dot Award: “The 40 experts assessed the quality of the entries with the utmost care and attention. Due to their backgrounds, they also assessed the special cultural aspects of the designs from 53 countries. But only the best products receive an award from the jury. This is especially reflected in the percentage of successful entries in the Red Dot Award, which is much smaller in contrast to other international design competitions. Therefore, the winners can be proud of their achievements – with their entries, they stood out from the rest and were able to pass the test in front of the critical eyes of the experts. This success will be perceptible during the Red Dot Gala, when the laureates will receive the recognition of the international audience.”

The award-winning products in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen

With around 2,000 exhibits spread over an area of more than 4,000 square metres, the Red Dot Design Museum houses the largest exhibition of contemporary design worldwide. The award-winning products from the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014 will be presented in an impressive special exhibition from 8 July to 3 August 2014. Since touching and testing is expressly encouraged in the hands-on exhibition, visitors experience the current best achievements at close quarters in “Design on Stage”. This way, design enthusiasts can find out about the trends in international product design and assure themselves of the outstanding quality of SpareOne Plus Phone by SpareOne.

The Red Dot Design Award

With the Red Dot Design Award, the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen created an internationally renowned product competition. Its prize, the Red Dot, has established itself worldwide as one of the most sought-after quality marks for excellent design. The Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen displays the award-winning products in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen for at least one year.

In order to appraise the diversity in the field of design in a professional manner, the Red Dot Design Award breaks down into the three disciplines Red Dot Award: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Communication Design and Red Dot Award: Design Concept.

Further information at:

Press contact:

Maly Hernandez Peña

Marketing Manager


Unit E, 11/F, 51 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Phone +852 90843874

Skype:  magdaely.pena




SpareOne at MWC 2014 in Barcelona, Spain!

Hello everyone, we had an awesome time at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain! For those of you who don’t know, Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest exhibition of prominent executives representing mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from across the world. The show is in the height of the tech world. Look at the picture above, that’s where you check your e-mail. Pretty neat!

Some of the biggest highlights from the show were Samsung unveiling their latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S5. Also, Nokia launched their X Range of three colorful smartphones. Finally, among many other unveilings, Samsung also made quite a statement with their Gear Fit fitness watch.

We had a lot of engaging and opportunity making meetings with distributors and executives. A lot of exciting ideas were thrown around for SpareOne and it’s future.

One of the more exciting things we got to do was host a happy hour with our Drywired partners. It was a blast meeting everyone from the industry, explaining to them about SpareOne and Drywired and watching them get their phones waterproofed.

We had a really great time at the show and even got to experience a little bit of Barcelona’s thriving culture. We can’t wait for next year when maybe it will be a big SpareOne unveiling that makes the headlines! Until next year, MWC, audios!

SpareOne Plus Emergency Phone Travel Channel Debut

Have you seen our new SpareOne Plus Emergency Phone Travel Channel debut? It’s pretty awesome! Rod Pralgo, the “Travel Channel Gear Guide,” sits by a softly crackling fire… in red flannel, footie pajamas… with beer… and merrily discusses the many fascinating features of the SpareOne Plus in his hand. Now, although Rob is pretty thorough in covering all SpareOne Plus’ amazing features, there are a few things we just wanted to make “a bit clearer.”

Rob first starts off by mentioning that SpareOne Plus works anywhere in the world and although it works in many, many different countries, it does not work ANYWHERE. You know, some remote, undiscovered islands in the middle of the ocean just don’t have cell towers yet. So if by chance you happen to wash ashore there. Setting a fire to attract a passing ship might be a better idea then whipping out your SpareOne Plus to make a call. You can use it for light though! Don’t forget that different parts of the world use different mobile frequencies, so make sure when you go to purchase your SpareOne Plus that you are choosing the right one for the part of the world you will be using it in!

Also, SpareOne Plus’ Location and Alert services are based on cell tower triangulation, not GPS. Now, don’t be dismayed, cell tower triangulation is still quite accurate, the only difference is a satellite isn’t locating you… the three nearest cell towers are.

And finally, you know those old Maglite commercials where the semi-truck runs over the rugged flashlight and nothing happens to it? Well, if you ran over SpareOne Plus, it would break. Although it is able to withstand extreme temperatures and go underwater in its watertight pouch, smashing it against a rock will probably leave a few heavy scratches in it and maybe even a cracked screen. SpareOne Plus is indeed made with durable plastic to withstand what life has to throw about it, but giving it to your two year old to band against the cupboard… probably not the best idea.

So, if you haven’t gotten to enjoy the video yet, please do. And let us know what you think in the comments below.

#SpareReel Part 2

How would your favorite movie end, if they had a SpareOne Plus? #SpareReel Part 2

While the plots of most films feature the main character overcoming obstacles we thought it would be fun to see what might have happened if these protagonists had a SpareOne Plus handy — our “SpareReel” is back with four new movies.

Whether it’s avoiding a jellyfish, getting to safety in a massive tornado, or being trapped on a rooftop in Vegas — SpareOne could have made the difference for this handful of movie characters..

Follow #SpareReel as we share some of your favorite movies weekly, with a “safer” ending!

Navigating through the ocean with an LED flashlight sounds much safer than swimming in the dark. Finding Nemo wouldn’t have been such a dramatic movie if when its scary moment —   swimming through a dark cave while having to deal with big jelly fish — Dory whipped out her SpareOne Plus, used her LED flashlight and made it through the canyon safely sting free.  For those that love boating or being on the water like Dory and Marlin, the SpareOne Plus would be a perfect passenger on board in case any emergency came about.

No one wants to get stuck in the middle of a tornado that is destroying everything in it’s path; just ask Jo and Bill, who were face to face with one of the largest Tornado’s in recent history. While they were doing it for research purposes, an emergency mobile phone could have saved both Jo and Bill and they could have seen the Tornado from a distance.

Although it was raining and winds were at a record high, Bill could have used his SpareOne Plus with it’s waterproof bag and call for backup and miss the tornado. Instead of running through corn fields, he could have been sipping on a glass of merlot while rekindling his past relationship with Jo.

Disasters can hit at anytime and in this case, Bill and Jo embraced tornado’s for a living.  For the average person and those that do not chase storms as a day job, having a SpareOne Plus on hand can get you to safety while alerting those that may be in the path of destruction.

What’s worse, being late to your wedding or being late to your wedding and completely sun burnt from an extended stay in Las Vegas? Doug knew all about this as he spent several hours stranded on the rooftop of the Caesars Palace casino before his wolfpack friends came to his rescue.

Although the wolfpack had one of the craziest nights of their lives, doug could have been on time to his wedding with a simple call for help before his skin turned orange from the scorching Las Vegas heat. Instead of being late and hung over on the roof, he could have taken his groomsmen out to a breakfast buffet on the strip.

Lasting over 15 years on the same charge and up to 10 hours of talk time, the SpareOne Plus would have been a perfect solution for Doug and the wolfpack. Bring along the SpareOne Plus with you on your next guys or girls weekend  and you’ll always be only a phone call away from to get you out of a sticky situation.

You fall in love with a girl you just met in the prohibited high class section, on the most historic ship of all time and you’re stranded looking for help while the boat goes under. This is what Jack and Rose faced as they tried to find a rescue team and survive an iceberg collision.

By having the 911 button on the SpareOne Plus, the iceberg could have been avoided by an onlooker standing on the lookout and this movie could have ended quite differently. Jack could have found a different way to meet Rose and enjoy a free night of boozing and dancing with the high class and they wouldn’t of needed a car in the basement to enjoy some late night intimacy.

It’s very important to keep an emergency device on board whenever you are boating or traveling on the water. With the SpareOne Plus’s easy access to 9-1-1 and it’s LED Flashlight, a call to help is only one click away.








Awesome SpareOne Plus Review on My Empty Nest!

Hey everyone, let’s give a big shout out to Diana Stanhope for her awesome review of SpareOne Plus Review on My Empty Nest!- “Holiday Gift Guide – Stocking Stuffers – Spare One”


Diana is “just a city girl living the dream in a small town in rural Kansas.” Diana loves animals, is eco-conscious, a vegetarian, and loves being the first to try new products and more than anything adore spending time with her husband!

“ The main problem we have is worrying about what to do should we break down or need emergency assistance,” says Diana. “The perfect solution for us is the Spare One Emergency Mobile Phone. There are so many things that make this a unique and truly must have item!”

Diana continues to discuss uses for the phone, what her favorite feature is, and why she thinks it would make a great stocking suffer for a loved ones. ”If you want a stocking stuffer that will be as useful as it is unique then head over to the Spare One website and check out the model and services they offer.”

Diana has many dedicated followers on her Facebook page and blogs about everything from  fashion and health & beauty to holiday gift guides and giveaways. If you are looking for info, reviews, and inspiration on products and lifestyle, check out My Empty NestHonest, down home knowledge from a cool lady who is on a mission to provide her readers with product reviews, information and giveaways for items that will make their life easier, more modern and just plan allow them some fun.

SpareOne Sends Emergency Phones to the Philippines


SpareOne Plus Emergency Phone is the only mobile phone of its kind to run on a single AA battery and not require charging, making it an essential communication device, especially for the people of the Philippines right now.  With no electricity, families, friends, and even relief workers are still trying to contact loved ones, simply to let them know they are still alive.

We at SpareOne know how important and vital communication is, especially  during times of such devastation which is being experienced in the Philippines right now, and we wanted to help.

Working with a contact with the Philippine Red Cross to ensure a successful delivery, we have sent SpareOne Emergency phones to the Philippines. These phones will give people in the Philippines their voice back and let them reach out and communicate even while power still remains down.

As relief efforts continue to pour into the Philippines from around the world, we will also continue to work with our partners to do everything we can to aid families, survivors, relief workers, and even reporters covering the devastation

The people of the Philippines are a strong nation and this proverb I hope brings rays of hope….

Ang buhay ng tao ay parang gulong; umiikot at minsa’y nasa ibabaw, minsa’y nasa ilalim, meaning, Life is like a wheel; it goes around, sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down.

Right now it’s down, but help is on the way and the only way to go from being down is up! Stay strong Philippines!


SpareOne Sends Emergency Phones to the Philippines

Your Next Addition of #SpareReel is here!

SpareOne Reel Titanic

It’s time for the next addition of #SpareReel!

As you pretty well know, often, one tiny event, choice, or interaction can easily change the outcome of an entire movie. While in the moment, wide eyed and devouring our popcorn, we never see it coming, But, it’s always that one little thing that makes all the difference in the end.

What if, in all our favorite movies, we had the chance to go back and change that pivotal moment, that crucial interaction, or that unknowingly vital character. It would be pretty epic, right? Well, what if we took it up a notch and gave that main character in your favorite flick a SpareOne Emergency Phone? Endless possibilities, right?

In Titanic, what if the front lookout spotted the iceberg and immediately called the ship captain. Thousands of lives would have been saved. 100 years later James Cameron would win Best Film for epic about tragic lovers aboard the Hindenburg!

Quite a change, right?

Now, you’ve thought about how the movies would end, well, what about your own life? Would your story play out differently without the ability to pick up a SpareOne, know the battery wouldn’t be dead, and make a call? Would your wife of been able to call when she got a popped tire on the side of the road and her cell battery was dead? Would your child be able to call to let you know he go to his friend’s house ok? What about you? Would you of been able to stay connected with friends and family during a power outage…. even if it was just to discuss the big game you were missing?

Just as in the movies, a dependable method for calling and communicating can play a pretty substantial part in the outcome of your story. As you come up with some unique endings to your favorite movies, think about your own life or the lives of people around you. Could the dramas become romances, the horror tales become comedies, or the become adventure tales? Give it a thought and let us know in the comments below how a SpareOne could change your favorite feature film, or even your own bio flick!



Daily Emergency Kit Ideas


I know when most of us think of an emergency, we think of a hurricane set to flood the entire East Coast, a tornado headed strait for your house, or a dramatic trip to the  ER, but really, emergencies don’t always have to mean “the big disaster.” There are such things as “small emergencies” and if you’re like me, you probably experience one of these minor moments of seemingly extreme tension more often that you’d actually like to admit.

Emergencies come in many different shapes and sizes and can mean something completely different from person to person. What is an emergency to you might mean nothing to me and vice versa. With that said, our emergency kits can come in many different forms, too. I personally have a “makeup/ hair” emergency kit in my purse, a roadside/ firstaid emergency kit in my car, and even, a cookie emergency kit (extra cookie dough in the freezer) in the event I need to bake up some cookies in a flash.

Below are many different daily emergency kit ideas. There are some for babies and kids, road trips,field trips, bad breakups, wedding days, and even fashion emergencies. Do any of you have kits for life’s daily emergencies stashed in your purse, car, briefcase, desk drawer, or home? If so, what is your kit for and what’s in it? Share in the comments below!

Daily Emergency Kit


Car Sick Emergency Kit


Car Emergency Kit


Mom Emergency Kit

Mom Emergency Kit

Baby Emergency Kit


Fashion Emergency Kit


Wedding Emergency Kit


Teacher Emergency Kit


Outdoor Emergency Kit


Travel Emergency Belt

Men’s Overnight Kit


Fishing Emergency Kit


Hangover Emergency Kit