SpareOne Sends Emergency Phones to the Philippines


SpareOne Plus Emergency Phone is the only mobile phone of its kind to run on a single AA battery and not require charging, making it an essential communication device, especially for the people of the Philippines right now.  With no electricity, families, friends, and even relief workers are still trying to contact loved ones, simply to let them know they are still alive.

We at SpareOne know how important and vital communication is, especially  during times of such devastation which is being experienced in the Philippines right now, and we wanted to help.

Working with a contact with the Philippine Red Cross to ensure a successful delivery, we have sent SpareOne Emergency phones to the Philippines. These phones will give people in the Philippines their voice back and let them reach out and communicate even while power still remains down.

As relief efforts continue to pour into the Philippines from around the world, we will also continue to work with our partners to do everything we can to aid families, survivors, relief workers, and even reporters covering the devastation

The people of the Philippines are a strong nation and this proverb I hope brings rays of hope….

Ang buhay ng tao ay parang gulong; umiikot at minsa’y nasa ibabaw, minsa’y nasa ilalim, meaning, Life is like a wheel; it goes around, sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down.

Right now it’s down, but help is on the way and the only way to go from being down is up! Stay strong Philippines!


SpareOne Sends Emergency Phones to the Philippines