The birth of a charge free, emergency mobile phone.

The concept for SpareOne, a mobile phone powered by a standard AA battery, began during a conversation about developing phones for markets with minimal access to electricity. At the time a United Nations Foundation report indicated that 1.5 billion people in the world had no access to electricity while another 1 billion had access only to unreliable electicity. Our thinking then expanded to the fact that even in markets with nearly universal electricity access (USA for instance) natural disasters frequently impacted electricity to a significant degree. In both cases, people want and deserve the ability to communicate with the world around them, and sometimes lives depend on that connection. This problem compelled us to create a phone that anyone, anywhere, could power with common batteries.

Our team of engineers and industrial designers worked for several years to find a power management solution capable of boosting the output of a AA battery while protecting that battery from the power spikes inherent in mobile networks. We also strove to design a clean, straightforward device that could perform its job and look good doing it. That design effort also resulted in our unique “battery window” which intends to tell the user that our AA battery can easily be replaced when necessary.

SpareOne utilizes the world’s most common and available power source, a AA battery. Common AA batteries will power the SpareOne, however we include a very special AA battery with every one of our phones. The Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Battery will never leak, has a certified 15 year shelf life (meaning it will not lose it’s charge), provides more energy than any other AA battery and provides up to 10 hours of talk time and two weeks of standby time in our phone. In short, SpareOne is the perfect companion for any scenario – put it aside and it is ready when you need it with no maintenance; or power it up and get hours of use without concern of the AA battery running low.

Wherever you are in the world, we believe that SpareOne should play a roll in your life. We like to say “Live Prepared” and to us that means that every home, office, vehicle and backpack should have a SpareOne. Thank you for finding us and please let us know if we can be of service to you.