Powered by a Single AA Battery

The world’s most common battery.

SpareOne is packaged with the Energizer® Ultimate Lithium AA battery – the most powerful AA battery in the world.

15 Year Shelf Life*

The included Energizer® Ultimate Lithium has a 15 year shelf life and is guaranteed to never leak with its leak resistant construction.


Provides 10 hours of talk time or two weeks of stanby or 24 hours of torchlight (flashlight).

Extreme weather operating range

SpareOne can operate at a span of -22F to 140F. This range is impressive for a basic mobile phone, and even greater than that of a smartphone.

*With Included Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91™.

Don't just take our word for it!

Since launching in 2012, SpareOne is honored to have received ten product design awards from some of the most reputed design and innovations institutions in the world. It has been recognized for design, technology and usefulness.

Enabling Our Customers' Strategies

Purposefully crafted for ease of use and versatility, SpareOne is the optimum choice for consumers, government, enterprise, and telecom operators.

Location & Alert Service-Capable

Web enabled device management.

SpareOne has partnered with Monitorlinq, a world-class developer of optimized software services platforms, to create a service layer enabling state-of-the-art Location, Alert, and Guardian features. Our web interface provides access to device location in real time and historically while providing simple management of advanced services.