SpareOne can be a mission critical communication tool for emergencies and disaster recovery efforts.

In any power failure scenario people depending on mobile phones for communications are at risk. As the only phone operating on a single AA battery, SpareOne is available when needed.

In areas where electricity is scarce or unreliable, SpareOne can be a valuable communication tool. A wireless network, a supply of AA batteries and an active SIM card are the only requirements for reliable communications.

In 2013 Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines causing severe destruction. Teaming up with relief teams and media outlets, SpareOne equipped workers and press members with SpareOne phones to keep them connected during the relief efforts without the requirement to find power to recharge their mobile phones.

SpareOne teamed up with Reliefbox Organization after the tornadoes of Oklahoma in 2013 to distribute SpareOne phones to some of the victims. While the communication towers were recovered a couple of days after the tornado, many areas were without electricity for over two weeks.

Emergency Lifeline: A test program was created to provide active SpareOnes phones to victims of domestic abuse. Services and a SpareOne were supplied as a maintenance free tool, ready to be used if needed.