SpareOne Services

SpareOne Plus-Location and Alert Services.

Unlock the true potential of SpareOne Plus by activating the lifesaving Locate and Alert service!

Activate your SpareOne Plus service capabilities and have a mobile phone that not only runs on a single AA battery but also has the power to locate the phone from a remote location via a dedicated web site. Have peace of mind knowing that if the SOS emergency button is pressed, each registered recipient will receive an immediate alert (via text and/or email) of the distress call and a link with the coordinates of the phones approximate location.

SpareOne Emergency Phone

With the Location and Alert Services upgrade, your registered SpareOne Plus can easily be located when the phone is on and has an active SIM card inserted. Location services are available through a secure login and password protected service site, powered by Monitorlinq. This function works on a triangulation system based on GSM cell towers. Whenever you request to locate your SpareOne Plus on the web interface, a signal is issued and the nearest cell tower will indicate (+/- 100m) of where the SpareOne Plus is at that moment.

SpareOne Emergency Phone

Locate and follow your SpareOne Plus*

Based on cell tower triangulation, check the approximate location (+/- 100m) of your SpareOne Plus.

SpareOne Emergency Phone

Easy-to-use online interface

Upon activating your service, access your SpareOne Plus services through our secure user-friendly website.

SpareOne Emergency Phone

Emergency alert by SMS/e-mail

When you press the SOS emergency button, SpareOne will issue an alert to your designated contacts.

SpareOne Emergency Phone

Programmable Numbers

Remotely customize the Emergency Call button, as well as your 9 speed dial contacts on Location and Alert Services website.

SpareOne Emergency Phone

Low Battery Alert email

When SpareOne Plus’ battery level is low, SpareOne auto-sends a
SMS/ e-mail to the designated recipient on file.

SpareOne Emergency Phone

Services Credits

Use credits to customize your phone and use the Location and Alert services.
Get 48 free upon registration.


SpareOne Plus Services are available in the following countries:
Netherlands, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Hong Kong, Taiwan, US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Columbia, Philippines, Peru, Argentina, South Africa

*Locate and alert services are only available and compatible with SpareOne Plus, not the previous generation SpareOne models or any other manufacturer’s phone devices. The service pack is an optional item that must be purchased and activated via computer, before functionality can occur.

Emergency alert by SMS/e-mail

Upon upgrading your SpareOne Plus phone with the Location and Alert Services package, you will be able set up a password protected account that allows you to delegate multiple recipients to receive an alert indicating the Emergency Call button has been pressed. Each recipient will receive an email and/or text notification with a time and approximate place of where the Emergency Call button was pressed. Your SpareOne Plus must be on and with an active SIM card inserted in order for these features to work.


With the click of a mouse, you can easily view SpareOne’s approximate location on a web based map. This location function works through a secure login and password protected service site called Monitorlinq, which uses GSM cell towers to locate your SpareOne Plus. The nearest cell tower will report back (+/- 100m) of where the SpareOne Plus is at that moment. Your SpareOne Plus must be on, have an active SIM card inserted, and be within wireless service range for the Locate feature to work.

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